Papermaking is a very industrialised process and has the potential to impact unfavourably on the environment – particularly the world's forests, waterways and soils.

Paper Rolls Australia is committed to upholding strict environmental policies and as such, we not only source our paper stock from experienced and reputable paper manufacturers worldwide, but we have recently undertaken a lengthy process to obtain accreditation and certification with two major environmentally-focused organisations who have developed international systems for regulating responsible and sustainable forest management .

We currently hold Forest Chain of Custody (CoC) certification with both:

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and

PEFC™ (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification)

Both these international bodies work tirelessly to promote responsible forest management world-wide, helping to eliminate the destruction of and maintain the natural environments of forests, animals and native people all around the globe.

In Australia, accreditation with the PEFC™ has mutual recognition with the AFS® (Australian Forestry Standard) , a non-profit organisation supporting and promoting sustainable forestry to Australian consumers. Like the FSC® and PEFC™, the AFS® certifies extensive areas of native forests across Australia and has a CoC Standard to track wood and wood-based products from the forest throughout the entire supply chain.

In accordance with our CoC certification, we now produce a wide range of fully certified paper roll products using paper stock from well-managed/sustainable and controlled non-controversial sources, allowing our customers to choose paper rolls that assist in global conservation, community well-being and economic stability - rather than contributing to further destruction - being fully traceable to their origin in a sustainable and well-managed forest.

Many of our paper roll products are also produced from paper manufactured using ECF (elementary chlorine free) or TCF (totally chlorine free) pulp within a neutral PH range. These papers have been declared as "not environmentally dangerous". Stringent testing reveals that the papers are non-toxic and a non-irritant to the skin, and can be disposed as normal papers – ie they can be recycled, incinerated or sent to a household waste dump without causing damage to the environment during the decomposition process.

Like you, Paper Rolls Australia values the environment and is working hard to minimise our environmental footprint and be a role model for others to follow. Our range of FSC® or PEFC™ certified paper rolls now allows you to make a choice about your contribution to conserving the world’s forests and to join us in assisting in global conservation.

Our Commitment to FSC & PEFC Values

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