Top quality paper rolls that are perfect for the hospitality industry.

Businesses in the hospitality industry enjoy our premium quality paper rolls. These 3-ply carbonless paper rolls produce white, pink and yellow print-outs, making them perfect for retail POS systems and kitchen printers. They go with most popular docket printer brands.

Popular applications: POS receipts, EFTPOS receipts, kitchen printer receipts, library tickets, school receipt printing

Our 76mm x 76mm x 12mm x 22 metres 3-ply carbonless rolls are the perfect solution when you require duplicate copy receipts or printing in triplicates for archiving purposes. Suitable for most popular brands of receipt printers, our 3-ply carbonless rolls provide a white master copy and an identical yellow AND pink copy of every receipt or docket printed. There are cheap alternatives out there. However, they don’t have the high level of immediate image contrast or image retention. The image contrast can lead to the wrong meals in kitchens being cooked as an example.

Available in boxes of 50 rolls, our 76mm x 76mm x 12mm x 22 metres 3-ply carbonless rolls are top quality and Australian made. With Paper Rolls Australia, you can always buy with confidence.

Like all our paper rolls, our 3-ply carbonless rolls are made from premium grade paper. This minimises paper dust, which can cause jamming in printing equipment, and offer durability against image loss with proper storage conditions.