Paper Rolls Australia are committed to all aspects of the environment.

We have identified our main environmental impacts as being those related to waste and recycling, energy consumption and potential emissions incidents. Through this system and its objectives and targets we aim to continually improve these business aspects and reduce our environmental footprint.

Paper Rolls Australia comply with the applicable environmental legislation standards, industry codes of practice and procedures that we subscribe to.

Continual improvement will be ensured by implementing environmental policies and procedures to address the environmental costs and impacts of our business.

The Lamson Group Environmental Policy

Group Newsletter

We will achieve this by:

  • Developing and maintaining an Environmental Management System (EMS) that will enable us to set and review environmental objectives. We will produce documentation whilst monitoring our overall environmental performance.
  • Managing environmental systems with adequate resources, staff and external suppliers and contractors that have undergone adequate training where necessary to ensure policy compliance.
  • Committing to the prevention of pollution, focusing on minimising the release of contaminants into the environment and the efficient use of raw materials to conserve natural resources.
  • Disposing of all unrecyclable waste in a manner that complies with local laws and policies whilst being environmentally friendly where possible.
  • Communicating our commitment to environmental quality and performance to our team members, supply partners, business partners, and external stakeholders.

Management at all levels of Paper Rolls Australia are responsible for ensuring that this policy is communicated and adhered to by all team members and subcontractors, and that it is made available to interested members of the public.

As a part of our commitment we transparently share live statistics on our renewable energy generation here:

Live Statistics

BPA and BPS Chemical in Receipts

According to multiple studies since 2010, bisphenol A (BPA) and its replacement chemical bisphenol S (BPS) have been confirmed as harmful to your health; however, it appears that companies are doing a little to limit the exposure of their employees and customers. With the amount of research completed since 2010, it has become abundantly clear that the health risks of using BPA and BPS far outweigh the benefits to corporate pocketbooks. Read Moreā€¦

Solar Power Statistics

Our Solar Power Installation is one of the largest in the industry totalling 766 panels and just under 305 KW.
Our latest numbers show that this is saving 489 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum. This is the equivalent of planting over 22,200 hardwood trees.

Check out our Installation Video

To know more information regarding our progress, you may visit the site at the link provided below.

Live Statistics