Thermal paper roll has been the most popular receipts used in retail & POS industry. For decades of years, there is a plastic or cardboard core inside thermal paper. They are in different sizes and shapes.

It works well, but why we should choose coreless thermal paper rolls now? These are the main reasons.

1. Plain coreless rolls where no marketing is required

User can now replace new roll in to the printer without removing and throwing away the core, saving time and enhancing cashier productivity. This is important during peak periods.

2. Environmental Friendly

Minimise the disposal of tons of plastic in to landfill and the ocean each year.

3. Longer Paper Length

By replacing the core with paper, the paper length is much longer (20-65% longer depending on OD and material), hence less frequent to change paper roll, saving time and enhancing cashier productivity during peak periods.

4. Save Storage Space

Smaller diameter, smaller carton box, smaller storage space. Most cashier areas have limited storage space, by having smaller box will greatly reduce storage space needed.

5. Save Transportation Cost

The size per carton box is much smaller and lighter, hence a saving in transportation cost. For overseas shipping, the container shipping and delivery cost also will be significantly cheaper.


• Convenient and time saving when replacing with new paper roll

• Longer paper length (if opt for same paper diameter with current purchase)

• Save transportation cost (if opt for same paper length with current purchase)

• Save storage space (if opt for same paper length with current purchase)

• Less dust

• Environmental friendly

In exchange for any roll with a core, we can offer:

1. Coreless paper rolls with pre-printed standard design.

2. Coreless paper rolls with customised printing.

3. Option for alternative paper (Blue Image, Phenol Free, long life, water resistant) or even plastic grades.

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