*OD: Diameter of Full Roll

* ID = Diameter of Inner Core

Did You Know ... ?

Fine glass paperweights first began to be produced around 1845, mainly in France, but began a sustained worldwide revival & rise in collectable popularity in the middle of the twentieth century!



76mm x 76mm x 12mm x 47 metres Bond Rolls (Plain Rolls)

  • Suit most popular brands of cash registers
  • Large selection of other bond roll sizes available
  • Premium quality paper
  • Custom printing options available
  • FSC® & PEFC™ certified stock available upon request


Popular Applications : Cash register receipts, POS receipts, adding machine rolls


Our 76mm x 76mm x 12mm x 47 metres bond (plain paper) rolls suit most of the popular brands of cash register and point of sale terminals. Made from the same premium grade paper as all our paper roll products, our bond rolls minimise paper dust which can cause jamming and damage to printing equipment, and are stringently tested for strength and durability.

Available in boxes of 25 or 50, our 76mm x76mm x 12mm x 47 metres bond rolls can be custom printed front or reverse side in up to 6 colours, to display marketing information, store details, promotions or returns policies. Our printing is done ‘in-house’ to maximise the result and minimise the cost.

We have a large selection of other sizes of bond rolls available, depending on your requirement and can supply FSC® & PEFC™ certified stock upon request.

Choosing FSC® or PEFC™ certified bond rolls ensures that the paper has been sourced from sustainable and well-managed forests, and is your way of helping to eliminate the destruction of natural environments around the globe.

Ask us about our range of certified bond rolls today!


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