*OD: Diameter of Full Roll

* ID = Diameter of Inner Core

Did You Know ... ?

Post It Notes were invented while looking for a way to improve the acrylate glue found in adhesive tapes! 



82mm x 203mm x 32mm x 502 metres Large Thermal Rolls

  • Suit foyer swipe machines in clubs
  • Premium quality to minimise paper dust
  • 5 – 7 years image retention with correct storage
  • Custom printing options available


Popular Applications : ATM machines, club foyer swipe machines


Paper Rolls Australia is a major supplier of quality large thermal rolls for all popular models of ATM machines and terminals, and other applications such as foyer swipe machines in clubs for the hospitality industry. Banking and financial institutions throughout Australia recognise and trust the superior quality paper of our large thermal ATM rolls and buy with confidence.

Like all our thermal rolls, our 82mm x 203mm x 32mm x 502 metres large thermal rolls are made from premium grade paper, minimising paper dust which can cause jamming and damage to printer equipment. Minimal paper dust also leads to minimal ‘downtime’ – an important factor in busy environments.

With an emphasis on image clarity and endurance, Paper Rolls Australia’s large thermal ATM rolls are the preferred brand by many of the major ATM providers and banks. Our large thermal rolls offer 5 – 7 years’ durability against image loss with correct storage conditions, compared to 1 – 2 years maximum with inferior quality rolls - an important factor when archiving.

All our 82mm x 203mm x 32mm x 502 metres large thermal rolls are available in boxes of 4 rolls and can be custom printed front or reverse in up to 6 colours. Our printing is done ‘in-house’ to maximise the result and minimise the cost.


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